Kevin Pheley, Owner and Founder of Cheap Ass Leads Reviews Pay-Per-Close Seller Lead Program

San Diego, California, 11th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Finding the appropriate leads may make or break a successful career in the always changing real estate industry. With varying degrees of success, many agents and brokers spend a sizeable amount of their budgets on lead creation services. The CEO and founder of, Kevin Pheley, has created a pay-per-close seller lead business that has been causing a stir in the market. According to Kevin Pheley, the pay-per-close business model benefits both agents and lead suppliers. “Lead providers are motivated to deliver high-quality, convertible leads,” says the lead provider, “so agents don’t have to worry about spending money on leads that go nowhere.”

Kevin Pheley provides an overview of the program and explains that it uses a pay-per-close business model, a paradigm change for the real estate sector. Agents are frequently charged up front by traditional lead generating firms, regardless of whether the leads result in actual sales. This model might be hazardous and expensive. But for real estate brokers, Cheap Ass Leads’ pay-per-close business model is a breath of new air. Agents only get paid with this strategy if a lead successfully results in a closure. This profoundly alters the dynamic of risk and reward and harmonizes lead suppliers’ and agents’ incentives.

The pay-per-close approach aims to change the lead generating culture in the real estate market, not just the way payments are made. The goal of Kevin Pheley’s vision is to establish a situation in which lead providers and agents share a stake in each lead’s success. The dedication of Cheap Ass Leads to high-quality lead sourcing is the secret to the success of this approach. To ensure that the leads it provides are pertinent and have a high conversion potential, the organization does significant data analysis and demographic research.

Notably, a necessary CRM is a crucial component of the pay-per-close business model. The CRM, which costs $97 a month, offers a simpler method for handling and tracking leads. This enables agents to maintain organization, conduct efficient follow-up, and eventually close more business. With the enhanced efficiency it offers, the tiny investment pays for itself many times over. Though perceived as an extra cost, it really serves as a tool that encourages additional closings, acting as a motivating factor for the pay-per-close model’s success.

The pay-per-close seller lead program from is a creative idea that might completely alter lead generation in the real estate sector. This model may hold the secret to a more prosperous and successful real estate career by effectively addressing the risk-reward dynamic and bringing all stakeholders’ interests into line.

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About Cheap Ass Leads

Cheap Ass Leads is a leading provider of real estate leads, offering an accessible and budget-friendly solution for professionals in the industry. Their platform is designed to cater to the needs of real estate agents, delivering a continuous stream of high-quality leads at competitive prices. Using state-of-the-art technology and AI-driven algorithms, Cheap Ass Leads curates an extensive database of potential buyers and sellers. The platform’s precise targeting ensures that agents can efficiently connect with prospects who match their specific criteria, streamlining the lead generation process and saving valuable time.

What sets Cheap Ass Leads apart is their commitment to transparency and affordability. With a straightforward pricing model, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges, empowering agents to stay in control of their budgets and maximize their return on investment. Cheap Ass Leads reviews go beyond being a conventional lead provider; they also offer customizable lead packages to suit individual business needs. This flexibility enables real estate professionals to tailor their lead generation strategies, enhancing their chances of success in a highly competitive market.

About Kevin Pheley

Kevin Pheley is the CEO and founder of, a real estate software company that provides quality leads on a pay-per-close model that currently has thousands of real estate clients throughout the US. Inside of the world of private equity, Kevin has invested in multiple businesses and owns a portfolio of companies doing roughly $5m per year in revenue. He is also the owner of–a talent acquisition agency that works to scout and match highly skilled virtual assistants with scaling companies. Kevin is also the founder and majority stakeholder of, which helps provide actionable leads to auto detailers along with resources and techniques that help to gain new clients and generate revenue.   

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