Post-COVID Storytelling: How advertisers are enacting their image’s accounts in the year ahead

Narrating has consistently been the pulsating heart of experiential promoting. The most significant occasions drench participants into a story, make them part of the story and send participants home feeling like they have a superior comprehension of the story the brand is attempting to tell.

“Storytelling has always been a main component of any great event,” says Cameron Mercer, head of event marketing, EMEA, APAC and Workplace at Facebook. “It’s that connective tissue that holds your event together. It helps provide a memorable experience and something for your attendee to hold on to. Storytelling also provides the through-line for the journey for any attendee at any event. And ultimately it delivers the content that’s right for your attendee.”

Narrating took on altogether new structures in 2020 and mid 2021, and the manner in which brands recount their accounts may be changed perpetually by the enduring effect of the pandemic. We requested some from the top brand advertisers to say something regarding how story affects them, how they are moving toward their image’s accounts in the year ahead, and how they are shifting direction and refreshing their methodologies to all the more likely convey their accounts, their item stories and their societies through live and virtual encounters.

A couple of things the entirety of our specialists concurred on: You need to meet your participants where they are. It’s in every case all the more impressive to let your clients and participants share their accounts than to request that they pay attention to yours. Great substance, in any structure, is still acceptable substance. Also, the force of narrating—particularly when it’s vivid and experienced together, live—couldn’t measure up.

Here are passages from our virtual board conversation, which have been altered for length and clearness.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No  journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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