Tendata: Transforming Trade Insights with Comprehensive Data

Shanghai, China, 29th Mar 2024 – Tendata, headquartered in Shanghai, has been providing comprehensive global trade data to importers and exporters since its establishment in 2005, serving over 70,000 Customers. Leveraging customs data, Shanghai Tendata aids businesses in market analysis, global customer development, and expanding overseas markets, thereby enhancing efficiency in penetrating international markets and increasing company revenue.

Core Products and Services
Tendata’s flagship product, T-iTrader, is a global trade data analysis platform that allows importers and exporters to instantly query and track global transaction details of products. It reflects the procurement and supply situation of the entire supply chain with global import export data, helping companies identify procurement and peak seasons in different markets and precisely target their markets. Tendata iTrader also offers 17 different reports, especially importer lists and exporter lists, enabling importers and exporters to quickly discover globally potential customers with genuine demand. The Company also provides detailed contact information for these customers, enabling proactive customer acquisition.

Features of Tendata’s Import and Export Data
Tendata stands out with its extensive coverage of import and export trade data. Covering 218 countries and regions globally, it updates its data as frequently as every three days, enabling companies to track and analyze the global import and export market in real-time, monitor competitors’ dynamics, identify the most demanding potential global customers, and gain a competitive edge. Companies can strategically respond to global trade, make wise decisions to drive import export business growth and success.

Success Stories of Tendata’s Customers
Many businesses have achieved transformative success with Tendata’s comprehensive global shipping data. For example, a small manufacturing company in China used their import data and   export data for one year and secured $3 million in orders. From passively waiting for customers to actively acquiring them using their shipping data, this company’s customer development strategy underwent a fundamental transformation. This Customer success story illustrates that Tendata’s data not only helps businesses succeed but also has a significant impact on their long-term operations and decision-making processes.

Technological Advantages and Intellectual Property
Tendata’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its strong research and development achievements and proprietary technologies. It has an independent technical R&D team, with over 100 proprietary intellectual property applications and more than 80 certificates of honor. These technological advancements enhance the accuracy of the global trade data it provides and ensure its competitive advantage in global import export data services.

Commitment to Values and Future Vision
Tendata’s foundation is built on core values of integrity, innovation, inclusiveness, perseverance, optimism, and promoting win-win outcomes. Looking ahead, Tendata Shanghai expects to continue driving business revenue growth for global customers in the future. By adhering to these principles, Shanghai Tendata Tech Co., Ltd. is committed not only to becoming a provider of shipping data services but also to becoming a successful partner for customers and the broader global trade ecosystem.

For more information, please visit the relevant website:https://www.tendata.com/

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