Shomprakash Sinha Roy: The Most Recognised Face in India’s Crypto Ecosystem

Meet the polymath storyteller, author & director who is making waves as a marketing expert in the web3 space after sixteen years spent building consumer-facing tech brands.

Bangalore, India, 9th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, In the now-bullish Indian web3 space, where innovation translates into social (and literal currency), one name stands out as a beacon of creativity and communicative intelligence: Shomprakash Sinha Roy. A true polymath, Shomprakash is not just a seasoned marketing expert; Rather a full-stack storyteller, social influencer, and thought leader in the blockchain space, with a career that spans 16 years across both web2 and web3 realms. He has served in senior marketing roles across brands such as Dell Technologies, Amagi Corporation,, and, alongside a three-year successful entrepreneurial stint as an adman.

To his inner circle, he is known as the “web3 guy obsessed with dogs and the number 42”. An enthusiastic ‘founding member’ of the  rapidly expanding Zo World community, as well as an authority on web3 conferences & meetups, he is frequently spotted hosting and moderating high-value blockchain conferences, most recently leading the panel at the Bangalore launch event celebrating bitsCrunch’s mainnet deployment & $BCUT token listing.

At the forefront of his accomplishments is his role as the Head of Marketing at Graviton Web3 Accelerator, where he has orchestrated groundbreaking campaigns that have propelled the relatively new brand to amazing industrial recognition. His strategic prowess was recently recognized when he received the MailModo award for the best targeted email campaign. A flagship email newsletter, sent to over 1,000 venture capitalists worldwide, was designed to promote mindshare for “Graviton-backed” startups through a combination of digital PR stories and progress reports, and heavily contributed towards the follow-up fundraising efforts of these teams.

One of Shomprakash’s key contributions to Graviton has been his involvement in structuring & hosting two national roadshows that have significantly boosted brand awareness across cities that host a vast majority of India’s blockchain developer population. Through these tours, he has played a pivotal role in both scouting for promising early-growth stage projects, as well as promoting pivotal brands, such as Aptos, Sei Network, bitsCrunch, and most recently, the Ton Foundation, where he helped connect Ankit Jaiswal with 500+ web3 developers in India through a nationwide “Blockchain Yatra”.

In photograph: Shomprakash SInha Roy snapped while popping a campaign from the Zo House premises in Bangalore

Shomprakash’s creative acumen is further expressed through his creation of high-value awareness properties, such as the Graviton podcast, which has featured influential web3 founders and thought leaders from around the globe. Another noteworthy achievement is the late-night show with Graviton, conceptualized & produced by Shomprakash, which has garnered attention with its pilot episode featuring Mandar Ray and Satyam Kulkarni of, a company that recently concluded a $1.5M venture funding round.

Apart from his work with Graviton, Shomprakash Sinha Roy has also been instrumental in advising web3 founders, offering valuable insights into content, design, and communications. His expertise has made him a sought-after figure at web3 conferences and meetups, including the India Blockchain Week 2023 conference, ETHIndia (2022 & 2023), and other significant events across India.

Shomprakash’s impact extends beyond the advisory realm. He has collaborated with many of India’s regional DAOs to build community-backed awareness networks, working with high-performance teams such as Hyderabad DAO, Web3Kerala, and KodeInKGP (IIT Kharagpur), as well as other student-led web3 chapters across top-tier engineering institutes.

In essence, Shomprakash (‘Shawm’ to his friends and ‘shawm42’ on social media), is a renaissance man for building and managing a massive web3 brand in India. His cross-medium storytelling skills, honed over more than 16 years of consumer-facing marketing, make him a force to be reckoned with. As a published author, video producer, director, actor, and consumer brand marketer, Shomprakash’s diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to innovation make him a true pioneer in the world of web3.

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