OIXDESIGN Announces New Year 2024’s Plans to Integrate Innovative Technology into Their Timeless Marble Furniture

Canada, 9th Mar 2024, King NewsWire OIXDESIGN is proud to announce big plans set for the year 2024: introducing state-of-the-art technology integrated into timeless classic designs that revolutionize convenience while raising daily standards of living—all through traditional craftsmanship complemented with modern advances in technology.

As technology is involved in practically everything today, OIXDESIGN must allow this influence in its classic marble furniture. In this way, it intends to capture modern living and, if possible, even increase the charm of timeless beauty. This year’s installation will introduce new technological solutions that meld perfectly into marble tables to express the OIXDESIGN innovation with the naturalness of the classical materials.

Wireless Charging and Night Warm Light for Side Tables:

They have added integrated wireless marble side tables that make the 2024 collection even more classy and sophisticated. Say goodbye to awkward wires getting entangled, or, for that matter, bulky adapters. Just simply place your phone on the table’s top and watch as it magically charges wirelessly before your eyes. This collection features fixtures with warm lights that are further embedded at night underneath the side table to add more softness and coziness to any living room. Controlled with the simplest wave of your hand, this creative light source complements the ambiance of your home while also providing utility.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Outdoor Tables with Solar Charging:

OIXDESIGN takes sustainability a step further with its river stone tables through the development of a brook stone outdoor table called Million Years River. Indeed, it developed the Million Years River brook stone outdoor table with some solar-activated electronics. It is true that this product does set a real example of beauty fused with functionality because of the ingeniously integrated solar panels that draw energy during daylight hours for really sustainable green electricity and its zero cost of operation. They are so versatile that these outdoor tables can offer flexible functions outside without relying on electricity.

Revolutionizing the Dining Experience with the Dining Table’s Warm Light:

On those special nights where every detail is especially crafted, there will be marble dining tables that glisten with a warm golden light, leaving an aura of sophistication. The fully customized lighting system can be easily controlled with just a touch, thanks to an advanced hand-touch interface, giving even the most discerning guests the freedom to set the mood effortlessly. Whether it’s an intimate rose-hued dinner for two or a gathering with friends, this pioneering technology ensures that every occasion is imbued with style. It wonderfully combines the form with the purpose, accentuating the aesthetic appeal of a dining room, all at once ensuring the perfect balance among both appearance and content, creating an amazing atmosphere that stays in memory long past the serving of the last dish.

Enhancing Functionality and Preserving Beauty:

OIXDESIGN is certainly keen on bringing implemented technology into its furniture designs in a way that adds to functionality but preserves beauty. These solutions are designed to complement the elegance of marble without overshadowing it, resulting in beautiful products.

Reducing Environmental Impact, Enhancing Utility:

Apart from technological innovation, sustainability incorporates OIXDESIGN. Outdoor stone tables are designed and created by offering environmental benefits and practical advantages for their users. These stone and marble tables allow energy savings, and, most importantly, they can be moved when users like at a minimal cost because they are not attached to the power grid. One piece of furniture at a time, they are making our planet more ecologically friendly with their innovative solar-power technology.

Crafting Excellence with Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Technology:

Every product at OIXDESIGN is a testament to construction excellence, meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of our artisans. During the meticulous process, from the careful selection of premium natural materials to their integration with advanced technology, each part of the design and realization process is closely followed in order to guarantee highly satisfactory end-results in quality standards. They couple traditional craftsmanship effectively with modern technology to bring their clients timeless yet innovative pieces that set new standards for luxury and sophistication.

A Vision for the Future of Luxury Furniture:

As such, they will keep on transcending new limits of innovation in the luxury furniture industry as they look forward to the future. Their 2024 plans are but the first step toward this larger vision, one that is reflected in terms much more significant than only the technological integration of the home but goes forth further to ensure adherence to environmental stewardship and social responsibility in a more holistic manner. Thus, through innovation leadership for luxury furniture design, one is shaping a future where elegance, innovation, and sustainability live together harmoniously.


OIXDESIGN is a leading natural marble furniture pioneer in transcending the conventional quotient of elegance with principal motifs based on creativity and innovation. Representing an unwavering passion for quality and craftsmanship, OIXDESIGN makes some of the most precious objects that express a love for sophistication. With innovative technology nowadays embraced in their collection, OIXDESIGN still designs the revolution in this industry of furniture, which provides the proper blend for customers between tradition and modernity.

“We are thrilled to unveil our plans for 2024, which focus on integrating innovative technology into our stunning marble furniture collection.”.

“Our goal is to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern convenience, and these new features truly exemplify that.”

To explore more about OIXDESIGN’s new line of technologically integrated marble furniture, please visitwww.oixdesign.com.

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The warm light integrated into the dining table allows for adjustable brightness, creating a romantic ambiance for dining.

The million-year-old River Brook stone outdoor tables feature sustainable solar charging, reducing reliance on electricity.

The wireless charging technology integrated into the marble side tables offers convenient charging with no cables.


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