Metaworld – The First Epic Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game on the Blockchain

Game Overview:

“Metaworld” is the world’s first decentralized massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on the blockchain. It is the first decentralized game launched on the Metaland blockchain platform and is developed with investment from the top-tier technical team at UvToken.

Game Background:

In a mythical world of legends, players take on the role of adventurers and classic martial arts characters to conquer the world. The game integrates various elements such as “mining, gathering, battles, DeFi, NFTs, and DAO.” Players can freely create characters, challenge dungeons, level up characters, and obtain high-quality equipment to achieve higher in-game earnings.

Economic Model:

The game is supported by the UvToken digital asset management platform, effectively connecting players, the platform, and game publishers for value exchange. It employs a DAO economic model, allowing everyone to have a stake and share dividends. Anyone can participate in the game and share game earnings by holding platform tokens.

Immersive Gaming Experience:

The game team places a strong emphasis on gameplay and has carefully designed a balance between the economic system and gameplay to enhance player engagement. The gameplay of Metaworld surpasses existing blockchain games, and upgrades have been made to address the issue of lack of in-game content for users. Players can use existing NFTs to create personalized in-game content.

Game Highlights:

* High TPS (Transactions Per Second) capability supports millions of players online simultaneously.

* Metaworld Engine technology provides an immersive high-definition gaming experience.

* Decentralized game mechanics enhance fairness and prevent cheating.

* Massive database capability ensures secure storage of user gaming assets.

* Support for minting in-game items as NFTs and enabling free trading.

* Diverse profit models provided for game players.

* Game revenue-sharing mechanism offered for investors.

UVT Investment Returns:

UVT serves not only as an investment chip but also as a reward mechanism. Whether you invest with UVT, contribute to technical development, or contribute to game construction, you can receive dividend rights. Participants’ ownership of UVT determines their share of game dividend rights.Fair Protection:The game employs fully decentralized UVT smart contracts as the settlement system, providing an open, fair, and transparent environment for all participants. The game ensures that all digital assets are instantly recorded on the blockchain and adheres to the blockchain spirit of “contribution rewards participation.”

Reward System:

The game offers UVT rewards based on individual contribution, in-game level, and equipment level, ensuring fairness. Additionally, the game introduces online shops, NFT trading, and advertising integration in the game environment to increase player earnings.

UVT Applications:

Players can cash in UVT rewards on secondary digital asset exchanges, continuously receiving platform dividends. UVT can also be used for payments in the online shop or for investing in Metaworld’s NFTs to achieve higher returns.Play to Prosper in the Wuxia Mythical Metaverse:”Metaworld” is a large-scale multiplayer online blockchain game based on the Metaland platform.

It not only creates an immersive and diverse gaming environment for players but also introduces a new “play-to-earn” experience through an open-ended economic model within the game, creating a new paradigm of Play To Earn.

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