MURSICOIN emerges as the best BEP – 20 Token focused on advanced decentralization technology.

London, United Kingdom, 27th Mar 2022, King News Wire, MUR$I COIN is a BEP-20 token focused on advancing decentralization technology. Many old and new crypto projects are fast developing, implying that a bull run is on the horizon.The cryptocurrency sector has influenced hundreds of industries all around the world. One of them is the payment method system, which is changing as cryptocurrency becomes more ubiquitous. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has created a demand for cryptocurrency holdersto be able to use their coins fast. Until recently, cryptocurrency owners had only two choices: invest and hold long-term (HODL) or trade speculatively. To convert their crypto to fiat currency for everyday use holders must first change their coins to fiat currency and then wait for their monies to arrive in their bank account. This is a time-consuming and inefficient method of obtaining finances. To fulfill this demand, we have created MUR$I COIN built on the BEP-20 network. MUR$I COIN is being created expressly to become a new worldwide payment standard. In this whitepaper, we will demystify MUR$I COIN’sappeal, as well as its underlying technology and value.


Our goal is to provide the world’s most popular payment method system to billions of people. We want to create an organised global marketplace that allows billions of non-crypto individuals to use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.


BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. You can think of it as a blueprint for tokens that defines how they can be spent, who can spend them, and other rules for their usage. Due to its similarity to Binance Chain’sBEP-2 and Ethereum’s ERC-20, it’s compatible with both.

BEP-20 was conceived as a technical specification for Binance Smart Chain, to provide a flexible format for developers to launch a range of different tokens. These could represent anything from shares in a business to dollars stored in a bank vault (i.e., a stablecoin).

Like BEP-2 tokens on Binance Chain, BEP-20 token transfers are fuelled with BNB. This provides an incentive for validators to include the transactions in the blockchain, as they’ll collect the BNB as a fee for their troubles.

You may know that Binance Smart Chain was envisioned as something of an extension to Binance Chain. With dual chain architecture, both chains are complementary – Binance Smart Chain caters to decentralized applications without congesting the original chain, which is optimized for ultra-fast trading.MUR$I COIN uses wallets like Metamask.

ERC-20 VS. TRC-20 VS. BEP-20

The primary difference between the three most popular token standards is that of the underlying network. While ERC20 tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain, BEP20 tokens are built on BSC, and TRC20 tokens are based on the TRON blockchain.

All three networks use the same solidity language, which means they are mostly cross-compatible and can be used interchangeably, with tokens developed on one platform accessible on others. Also, the process of creating and deploying tokens is nearly similar on all three networks, except for the fees and ease of use. In terms of efficiency, the BSC network is the best for token development and offers the lowest fees.

It also mirrors how quickly a network records transactions and makes them irreversible so that another user can facilitate a transaction on an alternative blockchain fork seamlessly. It is usually measured as Average and Actual Transaction Speed, where the former is indicative of the capacity of a network calculated after taking the average value of multiple individuals transaction times, and the latter denotes the usefulness of a cryptocurrency on the basis of time taken for individual transactions.


Proof of stake (Pos)

Holders of mursicoin can earn interest with Proof of Stake, as Proof-of-stake (POS) is considered to be less risky in terms of the possibility of a network attack because it structures compensation in such a way that an attack is less beneficial. Proof of stake also helps to prevent centralization of power, which is a major concern with proof of work. It is a stable model,those who are holding mursicoin will get rewards.

Top security

It is secured with smart contracts.MUR$I COIN smart contracts are integrated within this BEP20 token for secure transactions. The risk of smart contract breaking is low.

Providing a number one service

MUR$I COIN provides the number one service because transactions are fast and never obstructed for more than a second, even when traffic is strong. It will generate a large index profit.

Environmentally Friendly 

It uses less energy since it doesn’t require massive quantities of electricity or ever-increasing amounts of processing power to solve cryptographic block building. Validating nodes must possess or put out a certain quantity of the asset to verify blocks, which encourages longer-term engagement in protecting blockchain networks.

Revolutionary potential

Binance smart chain technology, on the other hand, offers revolutionary potential. This technology is impossible to manipulate, and it does not necessitate the use of a trustee, such as a bank, which charges administration fees and is motivated solely by profit.




This dual-chain architecture will empower its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.


EVM Compatible

Proof of Staked Authority Cross-Chain Transfer Block time ~3 seconds


In this Whitepaper, we looked at MUR$I COIN and its goals. We also discussed the distinctive features that, in our opinion, will enable the effort to stand out among comparable endeavors and lead to success as Wiion is an intriguing concept for decentralized data ownership, is also present in the burgeoning crypto market. MUR$I COIN will revolutionize the concept of virtual currency on the basis of goodness and faithfulness. The monetary structure based on computerized money resembles traditional banking on a commercial level, but it differs in temperament and interaction. MUR$I COIN is a unique, outstanding, excellent, moral, and ethical concept of cryptocurrency.

It is available to everyone that aligns with its vision and goals and will be utilized for the success and prosperity of its community members. Cryptocurrency is still seen as a volatile investment that is filled with risks and instability. MUR$I COIN, with its unique approach, is devised to change this misconception. With our team planning, strategy, efforts, honesty, goodness, legality, and right-minded movement,it will emerge as the best concept of cryptocurrency on the market.As the amount of sophisticated currency in the system develops, new monetary ventures based on computerized money will succeed. This Coin is going to help people in a modern way by using the power of blockchain technology. One of the most well-known digital assets will be MUR$I COIN which will make a great impact in 2022.

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